Cleaning work

Cleaning company My Cleaning Service mainly focuses on cleaning offices, gyms, schools, theaters and public spaces in buildings. Your wish is our starting point! During a personal meeting, the cleaning activities are accurately recorded in an action plan. Based on this, we offer you a non-binding quote, request a quote by email.

Cleaning Service is currently still small-scale, but we are getting bigger by the day. We carry out various cleaning maintenance and also employ enthusiastic employees.

We offer various cleaning services.

  • Cleaning maintenance
  • Floor maintenance
  • Deep cleaning / Cleaning offices
  • Deep cleaning floors
  • Deep cleaning sanitary
  • Deep cleaning kitchen
  • Facade cleaning
  • etc.

Although we offer different types of deep cleaning, because once in a while it is necessary as a supplement to the daily maintenance. It is really necessary for the hygiene of professional kitchens and sanitary rooms. Dirt, grease and dust are mainly found in and behind hard-to-reach places. A professional deep cleaning is then necessary. For a specialist cleaning of kitchen equipment or sanitary ware, you have come to the right place at Cleaning Service. As a specialist for daily cleaning, but also for performing all deep cleanings.

During the deep cleaning, we clean hard-to-reach places extra well. Also remove parts and remove the equipment from their place. Our specialists work with special (steam) machines and methods to remove all stubborn deposits. Where necessary, we disinfect parts and work surfaces, so that all unpleasant odors, dead skin cells and other dirt are removed.

A good deep cleaning treatment not only ensures that your appliances or sanitary facilities last longer, but also a healthier working environment for you and your employees.

No work is too much for us!

Wherever you are, that’s where we’re going!

No matter where you need us, we’ll do the work, take care of all kinds of interior maintenance and travel everywhere. Despite the fact that we focus on Amsterdam Zuidas, we offer work.